What Makes A Radiance Ring?

Radiance Ring lights are designed to enhance beauty by giving off a soft, even, diffused glow from all directions. This virtually eliminates shadows on the face, and washes out blemishes, rendering skin flawless. It also creates stunning circular eye reflections that create a glamorous effect and make images burst with life. Whilst most photography studios use multiple lights to get the best results, Radiance Ring is a single light solution, which can surpass even with the most elaborate studio set up. Radiance Ring lights work best at close to medium range and unlike flashes, stay on continuously, meaning that they can be used for videos as well as photos.

Light From All Directions

Because Radiance Rings are circular, light is shone on the face from left, right, up and down.

This makes skin look even and flawless, as shadows cast from one side of the light are filled in by light on the opposite side.

All Around Light

Circular Eye Reflections

Radiance Ring Lights create a unique circular “halo” reflection in both eyes.

A nice eye reflection is key in making you look full of life and vibrancy in photos and videos. Ever heard the expression “twinkle in your eye”?

Halo Eye Reflections

Benefits of LED

LED is brighter (approx double the output per watt compared with fluorescent), heat-free (making it safer), longer lasting (at 100,000 hours usage with no need to replace bulbs) more durable (with no glass tubes to break) and more easily dimmable (to any brightness).

LED Technology

When photographing brides, the ‘getting ready’ shots can often be the trickiest. As any photographer will tell you, lighting is all important, but trying to cram large studio lights into a hotel room or bedroom is simply too much and just gets in the way. With the Radiance Ring, a single light source is really all you need, and you can’t beat it for close ups. My brides are always amazed with shots I’ve taken using my Radiance Ring, they often ask me how I have managed to make them look so beautiful. Highly recommended - an absolute essential on my kit list!
J. - Wedding Photographer

Our Range


A professional LED ring light, suitable for mounting all cameras and mobile phones.
55w Output 46cm Diameter Mains Powered
Phone Mount Camera Mount Carry Bag Table Stand


Our flagship model, providing the brightest light output with the most even spread. Best for professional photographers, bloggers and make-up artists.


A compact LED ring light, suitable for mounting smaller cameras and mobile phones.
42w Output 30cm Diameter Mains Powered
Phone Mount Camera Mount Carry Bag Table Stand

Radiance Ring Mini

Slightly smaller than the pro, this light still incorporates all of the same great benefits. Best when space is limited, or for traveling with.


A portable LED ring light, suitable for mobile phone selfies on the go.
3w Output 8.5cm Diameter USB Rechargeable

Radiance Ring Mobile

A small portable light, great for achieving the glamour look for selfies on the go. Upgrade your phone’s built in light.

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