1. Don't mix with other coloured lights

Radiance Ring lights are designed to be a one light solution. Every light has what is called a “colour temperature”, which refers to the colour of the light. A lower “colour temperature” is a warmer, more orange tinted light, whereas a higher “colour temperature” is more blueish. Most household lights tend to be a lower, more orange colour temperature, often referred to as “warm white”. Radiance Ring lights have a colour temperature of around 5500k, making them “cool white” a shade fairly similar to that of natural daylight. If you mix a warm white and a cool white light source, you are likely to get bad results, so it is good to switch off any warm lights if possible. If this is not practical, we do also sell special warming filters (for the Pro and Mini), to make your Radiance Ring warm white, so that it matches household bulbs.

2. Stay fairly close

Because ring lights are designed to “wrap light around” you, they can’t be too far away. For the Radiance Ring Pro, try to keep the person being photographed within ?? cm. For the Radiance Ring Mini, because the light is slightly smaller, it should be kept under ??cm for best results. For the Radiance Ring Mobile, an arm’s length gives the best possible illumination, but can also be used over slightly longer distances in low light.

3. Play with different heights and angles

The angle at which the camera is looking at the model can make a huge difference to how the shot ends up looking. Try adjusting the height and angle of the light to achieve different “looks”. There are many resources online explaining how to get the most out of camera angles. We do also stock a flexible adaptor (for the Pro and Mini), which can be used to increase the height of the light and also allows you to tilt it at any angle.

4. Always keep the camera central.

The reason that Radiance Rings are circular is so that light falls evenly from all directions. If the camera is not located in the centre of the ring, then this light will not fall evenly. In this case, shadows will begin to appear more pronounced, and the skin will not look as smooth and clear. Ensure that your camera is mounted on the mini tripod head (for the Pro and Mini). If you are using a particularly large camera that does not easily fit onto the mini tripod head, there’s no reason you can’t put it on a separate tripod, but just make sure that it is pointing through the middle of your ring light.