Earn money by spreading the word

Do you run a blog, youtube channel, beauty business, or just have lots of friends and followers?

You can earn money by spreading the word and becoming a Radiance Ring affiliate. By doing so, we'll give you a special link to use to send customers our way. If they go on to make a purchase, you'll get paid commission.

For more information, see below or please get in touch, we're always happy to talk

1. Sign up

Sign up as an affiliate by clicking here. You will be prompted to enter you details and also add a paypal email address or bank details for us to send your payments to.

2. Get unique links

Once you've signed up, an "Affiliate Tracking" Link will appear in your account.  Click this to see your unique affiliate code, and a list of links you can use to promote our products.

3. Post Links

Use these links in your blogs, youtube videos, social media posts, emails and websites, to send customers to our site.

4. Track buyers

For each customer who clicks one of your links, and then goes on to make a purchase on our site, we will add a commission credit to your account.  You can see this by logging into the affiliate section and clicking the "Transactions" 

5. Get paid

You request a payment from us at any time, and there is no minimum withdrawal amount.  Simply send us an email with your affiliate tracking code to request this. - Please note we only allow a maximum of 1 withdrawal per month.


Do I need to wait for approval?
No, simply sign up and you can start using your tracking links immediately.

How can I check my affiliate links are working?
Try sending a link to a friend using a different device, and then ask them to visit radiancering.com/check-affiliate-code .  This should show your unique id if the tracking has worked.

If I send a link to one product, and the customer ends up buying another from the site, do I still get commission?
Yes, the tracking code is recoded as a browser cookie when the user arrives at the site, whatever they end up buying, you will get commission on. 

If a customer buys an item and then returns it, will I still get commission?
No, unfortunately we deduct any returned orders from the total balance.

Will the tracking work if the customer uses another browser or device to make a purchase?

No, it will only work if the customer uses the same browser on the same device as the one used to click the link.

Do I get commission on shipping charges?
No, you will only be paid your percentage based on the items sold, not the shipping.

How about the VAT on the commission paid?
Unless you are a VAT registered UK business, we will pay you commission on the Ex. VAT total of the goods value.  

If you are VAT registered, we will pay VAT on top of your commission, but require you to send a VAT invoice containing your company, VAT and registered office address before we can authorise this.

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